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Informal, interactive and entertaining

That is the key to the Robatayaki experience

Haru was the first casual dining restaurant to serve robatayaki cuisine in Dubai.

Robatayaki, which literally means “cooking over an open flame”, is a unique Japanese grilling technique known for its simplicity.

The concept originated with simple beach restaurants where Japanese fishermen cooked their catch over a charcoal fire(“ro” means hearth or  fireplace), with only an oar for a cooking utensil – chefs still use a wooden paddle to pass food to customers.

Apart from the interactive robatayaki experience, Haru also features open cooking stations for teppenyaki, tempura, sushi and sashimi, with guests seated around the stations. This intimate atmosphere not only creates a sense of interactivity and participation in the cooking process but also highlights Haru’s commitment to fresh ingredients.

The important thing to remember is that nothing really constitutes a full meal – the idea is to snack away while you catch up with friends.

Welcome to Haru and happy snacking!

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